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Performance Camps

Make the most of the school holidays by training with our expert staff at one of our performance camps. Whether that be a gain in strength, improved flexibility or continuing to make your athletic movement more efficient, training at one of our Advance Performance Camps during the school holidays gives you the perfect opportunity to make huge improvements in your game.

Our small coach to athlete ratio allows plenty of one to one attention from the coach throughout the course of the camp. Our expert trainers will ensure that you receive the right amount of work for your level of training experience.

During camp athletes will be educated in areas such as sports nutrition and mental toughness, with short seminars being held at various points throughout the camp. These seminars touch on areas that are key for the athlete such as pre and post workout nutrition, being sugar aware, as well as hydration and exploring some of the myths around sports nutrition and supplementation.

Train when others won’t to be what others never will.