The Lab

At Advance we put the athlete at the centre of everything we do, providing the ideal environment for each individual to achieve their unique goal. We are specialists in the physical preparation of talented young athletes from high profile teams as well those at county and national level. That said you don’t need to be at a high-level to train at the Lab as we offer solutions for all ages and abilities. 

We ensure all our athletes have a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental movements and build a solid movement vocabulary until they start to engage in a more demanding strength and conditioning programme. 

Our training programmes, while simple in format, are driven by the latest science and research in the industry. Ours is a long term programme and requires the athlete to “buy in” to the process, long term athletic development is just that….. long term! It is hard work and certainly not a quick fix but with the right mindset our coaches will get you there.

The youth physical development model (Lloyd & Oliver, 2012) demonstrates that the development of youth athletes is complex and multi-factorial with age (biological & chronological), gender, maturation level, training age and more need to be taken into account when designing a youth strength and conditioning programme.