Join the Online Athlete Academy Programme

The Advance Performance coaches have created the Online Youth S&C Coaching Programme to support all young athletes in their long-term athletic development. This is an extension of the Lab so no matter where you are, you can train and be a part of the Advance Athlete Family. 

Advance Athlete App

The Advance Athlete App has been created by S&C coaches so that all young athletes can benefit from having a coach and mentor. The Advance Athlete App delivers an athlete-centred approach to their training.

S&C Programmes to Improve Athletic Ability

The S&C training sessions are all short videos that they are easy to follow. Each programme will work in tandem with the athletes sporting calendar and aid in the development of key physical qualities including:

- Strength
- Power
- Speed
- Endurance

Track your improvements and Personal Bests

Professional Coaching and Feedback

Receive regular coaching, feedback and advice with your training and preparation. Ask your coach questions and read blogs on living like an athlete.

- S&C Training
- Recovery
- Nutrition
- Event preparation