Whether at a school, at the Lab or via our online training system, we teach young athletes the fundamental components of athleticism in a fun, dynamic and motivating training environment.

When an athlete starts training with Advance they are first exposed to the fundamental movements required to improve overall athleticism. Before any progression in training they must show competence in each fundamental movement. The larger an athlete’s movement vocabulary the more equipped they will be to cope with the demands of the chaotic environment that is sport. Preparation is key to long term success.
Once we are happy that an athlete has reached competency in the fundamental movements, they are ready to move into a more specific strength and conditioning environment based on their individual goals. Strength, speed, power and agility are trained together in most sessions with a large emphasis on injury reduction and making the athlete more robust.
It may take an athlete years to get to the perform stage of our programme, providing them with a huge amount of structure and more one to one attention to create a periodised programme designed specifically for the athlete’s chosen sport. Athlete’s in the perform stage are serious about competing at the highest level possible.

What they say

Advance are an external support company for our academy at AFC Wimbledon. They provide expert advice and guidance for the sports science department, consulting on the physical curriculum and providing CPD to our sports scientists. The academy sends players to Advance for additional individualised physical development work. They have excellent expertise, a high level of knowledge and coaching abilities, and are able to develop areas that are sports specific.
– Jenna Richards (Sports Science and Medicine Manager at AFC Wimbledon Football Club)
Advance have been working with our talented athletes for 3 years now and I’ve never failed to be impressed by the professional service they provide. Not only are our students faster and stronger but they also have a better understanding of how to look after their bodies and prepare correctly for fixtures and events.
– Ben Blake (Director of PE & Sport at Heathside School)
Lucy has been running the Gifted and Talented Club at Woking High for the last 3 years. Lucy is very approachable and well respected by the students. Many of the students attending the club have made significant progress and without doubt a lot of the credit must be contributed to the work Lucy has done, in improving their core stability as well as their movement patterns. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other schools / establishments.
– James Justice (Head of Sport at Woking High School)
I have two sons who take part in Advance sessions after school each week. They absolutely love these sessions with Joe and they, together with the other athletes in the group, train hard every session, remaining totally focused on each task from start to finish. It is clear to see, from the many sessions I have watched, that the athletes are inspired by Joe and from the smiles on their sweaty, red faces they thoroughly enjoy each session.
– Kerry Copland (Mother of Matt & Sam at SJB School)
Advance provide our Elite Athlete Programme (EAP) with a high quality, online strength and conditioning programme. The students really enjoy having access to their own portal detailing their training programme, wellness questionnaire and previous test results. The support we receive from their team is invaluable especially the help they have provided on up-skilling our PE staff. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve the physical preparation of their talented athlete cohort.
– Gillian Rodgers (Director of sport at Tormead school)

Our System

The needs of our athletes are at the centre of what we do. Our team work to develop each and every individual we work with.
Our methods are designed and driven by the latest scientific research.
We offer solutions and practical knowledge to support each athletes development, no matter their individual goal.
A community of like minded athletes all with the ambition to be the best they can.
Full Potential

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