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Performance Testing

Are your athletes achieving the standard of physical performance necessary to be successful? Who are your physically higher, average and lower achieving athletes? What areas do they need to improve to meet the national standard and how do they do that?

With Advance Sports Performance Testing, teams, groups and individuals can be put through our holistic testing procedure. From this in depth assessment, athletes are provided with a 360 degree evaluation comparing the athlete with age specific national averages across a variety of different testing elements such as strength, athletic movement, posture and balance. Results from testing these different elements will help to form evaluations highlighting both strengths and weaknesses of the athlete.

Testing during pre, mid and post season can provide valuable information on individuals as well as the team as a whole. This can be used to track progress throughout the course of a season, a year on year comparison, and a fitness tool during the periods leading up to competition.

As a further offering we use our online software to track each athletes progression, compare them to other athletes in a team or class and also provide them with a bespoke online training programme straight to their smartphone or device.

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