Remote Coaching

The Athlete App

The Advance Performance App has been created by S&C coaches so that all young athletes can benefit from having a coach and mentor.

The Advance Performance App delivers an athlete-centred approach to their training.


Personalised Sessions

The Advance system can automatically generate and deliver personalised LTAD and S&C sessions based on athlete's profile.
Alternatively The S&C coach can design and deploy highly personalised sessions using our extensive video exercise library.

We deliver the following training modalities:

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Plyometrics
  • Sprinting
  • Metabolic conditioning 

The Player App

The Player App allows the athlete to take control of their own training:

  • Training calendar
  • Self-testing and tracking progress
  • Log exercise history with RPE, Reps, Loads, Distance and Time
  • Communicate with their coaches
  • Search for specific exercises 


Long-Term Athletic Development

The Advance platform platform delivers LTAD and S&C programme to a large number of athletes across all age groups.

  • Back office Portal for coaches and App for athletes
  • Automated training session generator saves time
  • Monitor athletic performance and training adherence
  • Communicate with players
  • Identify players who are sport ready

The Coach's Portal

The coach's portal allows the coaching staff to:

  • Identify players who are sport ready
  • Monitor players training history
  • Modify training sessions 
  • Input test results and generate reports
  • Communicate with players


Packages Suitable For Everyone